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  Ramona b/w Loretta  
  The High Strung / The Capitol Years  
  Tee Pee Records / Full Frame Records  
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The High Strung are not a band that i should like. They aren't a screaming punk band, nor do they make ambient eelctro. They are a guitar band without any significant pedal use. Their music is a throwback to the energetic garage rock of the late 60's, a genre about which i have no real opinion. And yet, i do enjoy The High Strung. Their songs are silly and fun, with great bass riffing, thunderous drumming, soaring guitars, and catchy melodies. And their songs are short, sweet, and to the point. That's gotta count for something.

On this split 7", The High Stung have one tune, the otherwise unreleased, bouncey rock tune Loretta. This is three minutes of catchy, retro guitar fun. If you have heard The High Strung before, then you will like this tune. The lyrics are a little raunchier than those on the average Who album, but the feel is the same. It's fun rock music to dance to.

The flip side of this release features the song Ramona by The Capitol Years. I am not as familiar with this band, but it seems they do a sort of thing similar to The High Strung. That is, this is old-fashioned rock. The main difference between the bands is that, while The High Strung reference The Who, The Capitol Years remind me more of Television, at least in the guitar interplay. Ramona is a mid-tempoed rocker. It won't get you moving like Loretta will, but it is toe-tappingly catchy.

One thing i have to ask is: did both bands purposely set out to record songs with women's names? Was that on purpose, or is it a strange coincidence? It's not really important, just something that i am curious about.

Overall, this is a pretty fun 7". If you like old rock, then this is an excellent purchase. Besides all that, it's good fun.

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