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  Fiendish Freaky Love  
  Hot Young Priest  
  Two Sheds  
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Hypnotic cadence is the first thing that comes to mind. Hot Young Priest is an Atlanta three piece that's been around for almost 3 years. The sound is reminiscent of surf tinged, creepy Doolittle-era Pixies complete with a subtler, yet heavier, loud-quiet-loud protocol.

Here's a brief history of the band: (from

Following the demise of her previous project, the underrated Shamgod, [Mary] Byrne picked up the pieces and quickly formed Hot Young Priest in early 2004 by enlisting Chris Jansen (ex-Myssouri) and Daniel Winn (ex-Crybaby). The band quickly developed a reputation as one of Atlanta's most engaging live acts and rounded out its reputation with the release of the EP Burning Hot and Free, which was similarly met with glowing accolades.

So the band has history. It could be the reason we've all heard of this band somehow, in one way or another. I guess you could call them a local Supergroup.

Overall, this is a very tightly recorded album, well produced and catchy. There's some cool vintage recording tricks and neat-o sounds that I like. This is the kind of band you could really enjoy playing in. The only thing is that it's a little dry for my tastes. I need a little more dirt or filth. This is the kind of thing you'd enjoy on a long drive, or a background for a conversation. It's not elementally individual or outstanding, but it's good.

Overall, the band makes for a pleasant listening experience. They might want to be heavier at times, but it doesn't really come off. It seems forced or executed poorly. I do, however, really dig the vocals. Mary Byrne has a very focused voice that seems to have the ability to change notes like a slide whistle. It's not strong, but it's agile.

I would imagine if you live in Atlanta, and go out to see shows, you will see this band play at some point soon, if you haven't already. I'd say stick around and give them a listen.

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