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  2004 Sampler Disc  
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Gargamel was the evil wizard that threatend the Smurf Village in the popular early 80ís cartoon series The Smurfs. Gargamel, the band, invokes the spirit of the evil nemesis with a mix of funky bass slapping, nu Metal rhythm, and slinky guitar riffs. The singer sounds just like Mike Patton. The review wouldnít be complete without the obvious Mr. Bungle reference, which this band strongly reminds me of.

The musicians are very talented, and the singer has got a set of pipes. If you like kinda goofy spacey metallic magic music, this is for you. It was interesting enough for me to listen to. Hell, I might be interested in seeing them play, if not for the spectacle, but the musicianship alone. I seriously would like to hear what the band could do on a full length, if they havenít already produced one. They could really develop into some interesting recordings. I would like to hear musical explorations a bit more so than whatís on this demo.

The one thing that I donít like is that there is probably an association with devil worship within the band, though itís not obviously apparent. I see it in hints by way of pictures on their website, lyrics, the name of the band, and my third eye. No, really. I think devil worship is silly, and thatís part of this music scene. If they could get over it, and look at themselves in the mirror, they could see how silly they are.

But, again, Iím not into the whole devil worship music scene, and I donít pretend to understand it. If thatís your bag, baby, donít let me ruin it for you. Iím sure Iíd enjoy the music just as much as if I did believe in hell on earth. Oh, believe me, Iím not a Bible thumper either. I just doní think devil worship is not really that revolutionary.

And it could be that the members of Gargamel are card-carrying Atheists. I could be very wrong. If thatís the case, theyíll probably get a real kick out of this review. Iím just giving you my impressions of the band. Take it for what itís worth. Please donít make a voodoo doll in my likeness.

So, in conclusion, this 4 song demo prompts a lot of questions regarding Gargamel and their musical dealings. With some more time, we could be hearing some crazy, and perhaps fascinating music coming from Floridaís Gargamel.

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Gargamel were giving this CD away when they played at the Atlantis Music Festival in 2004.


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