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Tumbleweed b/w Burn


The Great American Canyon Band



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The name of this band is a little confusing. It implies that there is a category of "Canyon Bands" and that this one is not just your average American Canyon Band, but rather a Great one. If the category of "Canyon bands" is a real thing, then i have never heard of it...

Abbreviated TGACB, this is the act of Chicago-based husband-and-wife duo Paul and Krystal Jean Masson. They released the 7" themselves last Record Store Day. Sadly, i do not own the physical product, but i did receive both songs in email from the band's promotional company. And, luckily for you, you can get both of these songs free as well. Links are embedded, below. And you're welcome.

You should go and download these songs because this act is making some quality folktronica. That is to say, this music has a folk feel to it, with a little bit of lethargic country tossed in, and some electronic effects added as well. The result reminds me, ever so slightly, of what Hood and Epic45 are shooting for, only less British. It is a pastoral sort of music, but incorporating modern elements.

The A-side, Tumbleweed starts off with a cascade of burbling electronics and droning synth lines. Mr. Masson's strummed acoustic comes in, and he sings, lightly. His wife joins, harmonizing, and the tune meanders in a lovely manner for a minute or so. More elements are added in, including a nice hand-clapped rhythm, and the song grows to be really dense, Mr. and Mrs. Masson harmonizing as they sing forcefully. Rather beautiful.

The B-Side, Burn, is an even lighter tune, starting with sparse voice, a light plinking sound, and a quietly strummed acoustic. The song builds to a nice drone with clattering percussion, over which The Masson's harmonize nicely. Eventually the drone sort of jells, and the percussion clatters along, the two voices soaring... This is my favorite of the two tracks here, and has a huge, epic feel with the whole reverberating nicely.

That said, both of the songs are very lovely. TGACB have some good ideas, and i want to see where they are going with this. A fascinating debut.

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