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  Lesely Flanigan

Physical Editions

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Lesley Flanigan is an avant-garde sound artist from New York City. She makes minimal music with layers of synths and electronically modified voice. She's been releasing music since 2009, pressing the boundary of what can be considered ambient electronica. This is her third release, and it makes Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Volume 2 seem like thrash metal. This is ponderously slow music that evolves slightly over long periods of time.

There are only two tracks on this record and it still clocks in at just under 30 minutes.

The first song is Hedera consists of a shaking or clicking sound, a repetitive sound that moves pretty fast and is, according to her website, the sound of a tape deck malfunctioning. Huh. She layers this with her breathing and some faint droning loops. The song is very minimal and faint and goes on for 20 minutes, which might test your patience. It grows and unfolds slowly as she layers in more and more voice layers and loops. I find it to be kind of pretty.

The second track here is the five-minute Can Barely Feel My Feet. It lacks the clicking beat of Hedera, but is similar in that Flanigan is building sound in layers of vocal loops. Its relative brevity means that there are fewer layers unfolding here.

I find this to be an interesting ambient record. If you are into slow, droning background music, Flanigan has something to offer.

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