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  Tiny Engines  
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Faye is a three-piece girl punk pop band from Charlotte. I hear several obvious reference points here: Belly, Velocity Girl, Coathangers. They do a really good job with it here on their debut EP.

The band is mostly a rhythm section with vocals over it. Well, they have a guitarist, Susan (no last names used here), but she plays in a really staccato crunchy kind of way. And their drummer, Nat, is amazing. I like what she is doing. The bassplaying of Sarah is pretty awesome too -- it's all low rumbling. So: staccato guitarwork plus amazing drumming plus rumbling bass makes the songs seem very rhythmic.

Yellow Canary has a bass riff that is a low warble. The guitar is a crunchy layer between the rhythm and the voice, which is lite and speaking more than singing.

The next song, Teacups is freaking insanely catchy. The guitar riff just crunches and the bass is a fantastic spastic throbbing. The whole song just bounces along with pent up energy.

Vowels is a lighter song, the girls singing harmony in the background as the main voice kind of floats through the song. This is bubble gum pop reimagined for a modern post-punk audience.

Chow Chow is a fun little tune. The bass is a lovely rumble, the drumming is martial, and the voice is slightly more forceful than on the other songs, which brings out the Belly reference. But the lyrics are great! This is a song about being in the local scene: ďThis band wonít have the draw we thought, itís not worth the wait, letís plan our escape". Yeah, i've been there...

Faye end the EP on a lighter note with Ancient Bones. The vocalist really pushes her voice to use melody more than the rest of the EP, where the vocals often felt almost spoken. This song is faint and grinding, the guitar whirring slowly while the drum keeps a scattered rhythm. There is a faint hint of Slint in what they are doing here, and i really like it.

Great stuff! I hope to hear more from this trio. Maybe they will make the trek down I-85 and play here in Atlanta soon.

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