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Everything Is Made In China


Snegiri Music

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EvilSponge's favorite Russian post-rock band are back with a new single. Perhaps a new album is on the horizon as well. Communication is a little hard because of time zone and language differences. However, the band sent me a digital copy of their new 7". Let's examine the tracks.

The A-side gives the title to the release, Parade. It starts with a stuttering keyboard bit and cut and pasted voice. As the song goes along, it reminds me of something by TV On the Radio in the way that the voice is layered and in the way that Alexander Bykov's subtle percussion seems to hover just under the point of explosion. The song meanders tensely like this for a while, and does eventually get more active. Bykov never really cuts loose though, and i kind of which he would. However, this is a pretty good song.

The B-side is called Brittle Crystal and seems to showcase keyboardist Phil Premyak's work very well. It starts with synths meandering then adds in Max Fedorov's voice and some nice percussion from Bykov. Federov plays a lively chiming guitar bit that echoes nicely, and the keyboard adds a horn sample at times for a lovely effect. This song is more electronic than their earlier work -- more Apparat than Radiohead. I think it is the crisp production style that reminds me so much of the German band. At any rate, this is a really cool song.

Overall this is a pretty nice little single. EIMIC continue to do good work. Perhaps it was wise of us to outsource our electro post-rock after all.

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