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  Chainsmoking b/w F.Y.D.  
  Ghostly International  
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One internet resource i regularly use is Epitonic. For some reason, a while back i downloaded the song Chainsmoking, and i simply adored it. This is a great, loud fuzzy tune that moves like mid-era Magnetic Fields (think Charm of the Highway Strip). There is a prrominent keyboard riff, a slightly cheesey drum machine chugging along like it's had too much caffeine, and a slightly mopey voice in layers. The lyrics are sappy and fun, and well, this song just rules.

It's one catchy pop masterpiece, and so i finally tracked down the 7" single, in order to support the artist. I have never even seen a copy of the album this song is on (apparently it's called Midrange and is on the same label), but at least i found this. Now, i know that most of you aren't likely to go try and track down a 7" no matter how great the A side is, so i've got you covered. You can download Chainsmoking right here. Go ahead and grab it, i'll wait right here. It is definitely worth the download!

In addition to that pop gem, there is another song on the single, more specifically, the B-side. It's called FYD, which apparently stands for "F*ck You Dry". This song reminds me of old Prince in that it is kind of funky, very catchy, and not for children. It's an okay song, and i must say that apparently Mr. Dykehouse can certainly craft a toe-tapping rhythm.

On the whole i am rather impressed. These two songs really make me think that Michael Dykehouse is channeling the spirit of Stephen Merritt, which is good since Stephen Merritt really seems to have lost his way lately. (Did you actually listen to 69 Love Songs? Ugh.)

My advice to you is go and download the song. The 7" is pretty good too, if you can find it. And be on the lookout for more form this artist.

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