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  The Big Black Cock of Death  
  Dressed In Wires  
  Distraction Records  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

The Big Black Cock of Death! A great title if I ever heard one. And a suitable one for this EP, too, because this is no, er, little white dick of life, orÖa tight pink pussy of eternity for that matter. Or any other variation on this theme you could care to think of, because this, ladies and gentlemen, truly is The Big Black Cock of Death!

A quick perusal of the Dressed In Wires website reveals they have been releasing albums with titles such as You're Going Home In A Yorkshire Ambulance and Dressed In Wires Ruined My Birthday for some time now, although I first heard them back when they provided several tracks on the Estrunax label's Sampler Et Sans Reproches CD. At the time, I variously described their music as being like someone shaking some tin sheeting, and a piano being thrown down the stairs. And itís fair to say that The Big Black Cock of Death is hardly less uncompromising.

The Big Black Cock of Death opens with The Breeders, which is perhaps the most commercial track here. All things are relative though, as this is harsh electronica albeit with hints of I Wanna Be Your Dog and Smack My Bitch Up. The term "harsh electronica" also springs to mind with the splendidly named Proposed Theme Tune #4 For "Let's Hunt And Kill Billy Ray Cyrus", although this time thereís a pretty melody on top that almost disguises the fact that what weíre actually listening to is something about the devil's penis. Thereís almost something Beck-like about this track, albeit a Beck after heís made a pact with Satan.

The lengthily titled That Rarest Of Beasts; Hey Parabola, Crack Chikin/Nex Nine Times For Sunshine!, meanwhile, is definitely parental warning stuff with samples of speeches from some young kid about, well letís say, whatís happened to someoneís mother. Definitely not one to be played when the kids are up...

Hiroshima Was A Shithole Anyway is thirteen minutes of a relentless stop/start bass over a clattery beat, whilst Blood Touching Glass seems to be on some endless loop that keeps going till you switch it off (unless itís just my copy!). This forced conclusion could, of course, be after a spot of prompting. In my case, Mrs. Indoorminer - after what had no doubt seemed like an eternity - eventually popped her head round the door and asked if I could now switch off "the building site record" and play something a little more...soothing. So not one to listen to when youíre doing a crossword puzzle admittedly, but if you want music to mess with your head, this could well tickle your fancy.

Itís an interesting release, though it does get hard going and, personally, Iíd prefer more numbers like The Breeders with its lack of sampled vocals and attempted shock tactics. But if you want a challenging release, go ahead Ė although Iím guessing that something called The Big Black Cock of Death is probably one to leave off the birthday list you pass to your grandmother. Unless your gran is an Autechre loving porn fiend, that is.

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