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  Air Frais
  Dessin Bizarre
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Air Frais is the second release on Fluttery Records from Russian composer Ivan Krasnov. Fluttery refers to him as a "composer" in their press materials, and i did so just above, but i don't want you to think that this is some kind of stuffy NPR modern classical bunk.

What Krasnov is doing here is electronic music that at one point in the last decade we would have called ambient glitch-pop. I guess that "composer" is as good of a term as any for the person who makes such music. It just seems like a slightly pretentious and old-fashioned term, although maybe those are just my personal prejudices showing.

Anyway, there are four tracks on this EP which clocks in at just under 20 minutes.

The first is called Eidfjord. It pops and skitters along happily with a reversed guitar sound and happy little beat. The guitar noise grows and becomes more distorted, eventually overwhelming the song with grinding feedback. Nicely done.

Title track Air Frais includes a heavily echoed vocal sample scattered about while a hand clap sounds every few seconds, forming a hesitant beat. Krasnov combines this with a faint keyboard drone and some lightly tinkling keyboards, the overall effect reminiscent of Worriedaboutsatan.

Pressure is a fainter song. The rhythm consists of some staticky pops and a faint noise, like a record skipping slightly. He combines this with some burbling water noises and a faint drone. It kind of gels together for the last minute and a half, the rhythm noises speeding up to sound like faint drums and everything else kind of grooving along with it. Shades of The xx in this. Nice.

Krasnov gets even more ambient with Flow, a sparse, floating field in which strange noises burble and pop up. A pleasant and spacey end to this little EP.

If you like ambient glitch pop, Dessin Bizarre has a lot to offer.

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