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  ...Out Of There  
  Departure Lounge  
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This is Pop Music. It's not particularly challenging, but it's not totally mindless either. It makes great background music.

It is, i must admit, a very British pop album. That is, there are those little electronic sounds that seem to seep over from Britain's huge rave culture into any other music in the country. Some songs have sampled beats. And there are even two "remixes" on the CD. In fact, i got this CD because one of the remixes is by ex-Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde. His remix is okay, not spectacular but not bad.

And that's just how i feel about this album -- not spectacular, but not bad. It is, i will admit, kind of relaxing when played in the background as one does housework. I would imagine that serious Robin Hitchcock fans would eat this up! Otherwise, it is not particularly noteworthy.

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