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  Spiderman of the Rings  
  Dan Deacon  
  Carpark Records  
Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Indoor Miner  

Dan Deacon is a classically trained underground performer who has apparently worked with artists as diverse as Cat Power, Kool Keith (no relation!), and Thurston Moore, to name just a few. Given that, it's perhaps no surprise then that Deacon tries his hand at any number of styles here.

The album opens with Woody Woodpecker, including that famous cartoon character's irritating call sampled over a Suicide-like backdrop. Bizarrely it works, though admittedly it's probably not something you'd want to listen to every day. This isn't the last time Mssrs Vega & Rev come to mind, though. The Crystal Cat is a cracking track with the type of beat that Martin Rev might conjure up, whilst Wham City sounds like Suicide being joined by the cast of Oliver. The latter, a lengthy number that sees its musical-like singsong interspersed with some interesting instrumental sections, is probably the highlight of the album although it's pushed all the way by Okie Dokie, with its Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll-like intro and general early 70s frothiness.

Elsewhere though, you can't help thinking though that Deacon can be a bit too clever for his own good, and that Spiderman of the Rings would be a better album if he cut back on the gimmicky everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sound effects that sometimes clutter this record. Deacon might well argue that this is missing the point, but Snake Mistakes, for example, is a funky little number that is spoilt to a large extent by some annoying electronic doodling that results in the track sounding like it's being played in some tawdry amusement hall.

Still, whilst Spiderman of the Rings won't be to everybody's liking, there's a definite off-the-wall quality that may well appeal to some of you out there.

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