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  March b/w Numbers
  self-released on Bandcamp  
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DateMonthYear is a band from Hamilton, NZ that insists it is "not a band. DateMonthYear is a way of making music in the 21st century." Right...

Anyway, they have been releasing music slowly since 2009. This year their promo company sent me links to listen to their latest two songs, so i am lumping them together as a "single". Although, really, for digital music the organizational schemas that group music into physical releases is kind of arbitrary. One song was released in June 2017 and the other in January 2018.

But, whatever.

The track from this year is called March and it is pretty epic. There are two vocalists -- Emma Koretz and Brooke Baker. They sing and harmonize in a very clear manner, with precise pronunciation that comes across as kind of goth. Then on the chorus they chant "you're born, you live, you die" and i can actually see the black lace and clunky black boots. But the music backing them up is more U2 than Sisters of Mercy. This is straightforward pop-rock, and they do it well. The song is catchy, swelling up nicely towards the end and the whole band is going at it. They are not reinventing anything here, but this is a fun little song.

Numbers was released by the band in 2017, and it is a little more minimalistic. An acoustic guitar strums along a martial drum beat and faint strings saw away as Koretz and Baker harmonize. This one is lighter and catchier than March.

But really, both of these tunes are interesting. DateMonthYear is, despite their protestations to the contrary, an interesting band.

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