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  Before ... But Longer  
  The Czars  
  Bella Union  
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The Czars are a pop band from Colorado that record for a label run by some famous British pop experimentalists (i.e., Robin and Simon of Cocteau Twins). Given all of this, one would expect brilliant things of their album, right?

Well, i listen to this disc and i can think is, "Man, i am so sick of the 1960's!"

Why is it that POP is reminiscent of the 60's? Is this some sort of ingrained cultural phenomenon that makes us yearn for a fiction of what might have been a "better time"? Some kind of belief that we were all happier then? Something that equates happiness with that time frame??? Or is it just that anything without a breakbeat seems "old"????

I don't know, but it really bothers me.

This album is pure classic pop. It reminds me of The Beatles, or The Beach Boys, or any one of a hundred thousand songs that you have heard over and over and over again.

Don't get me wrong -- it's not as if The Czars are ripping off other artists. For example, there is a distinct country influence to their music (probably caused by the prevalence of organ in the songs) that is not totally typical. The vocalists voice is rather unique. However, the song structures, rhythms, and tone all trod through very common ground.

So, this album is not new, but it's not totally old either.

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