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  Only the Hits  
  Cody and Danz
  Channel 9 Records  
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Cody and Danz is a new collaborative EP released by Danz of Computer Magic and someone named Cody Crump. Mr. Crump appears to be a guitarist from the West Coast, and here he is adding some nice guitarwork to Danz's synthpop. It's a combination that really works.

The EP starts off with Living In a Different Reality, a mess of grinding guitar, thundering drums, sparkly keys, and Danz singing through distortion. This is noisy and loud and Danz sings here with more than her usual rhythmic speaking style of singing. A great start.

Danz is mostly back to rhythmically speaking her lyrics on Make It In America. However, the music here is grungy guitar and tight drumming that makes a great groove. It is a happy and bouncy and fun little tune.

The next track is If I Only Had $ome Money and it kicks off with spacey guitar meandering before chugging keys and drums come in. The song thuds along, ploddingly, with Danz talking slightly echoed. There are odd horns and for some reason this reminds me of late PIL. It is also the song on this EP that seems the closest to Computer Magic.

For some reason, So Small reminds me of early Throwing Muses. I suppose that it is Cody's crunchy guitar and the thudding drums. On this tune, Danz is almost lost in the guitar and drum thunder, making this more rock than the rest of the tunes here. It's a loud messy song and Cody is really on display here, his guitar pummeling.

Running Scared is kind of a fusion of the two sounds -- it is a very Computer Magic-y synthpop tune with nice indie rock guitars. And the two things together make New Wave. Not bad at all.

I am pretty pleased with this release. Mr. Crump certainly adds something to what Computer Magic are doing. I hope to hear more from this collaboration.

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