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  Chrome Sparks vs. Psychic Twin
  self-released on BandCamp  
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This is a 21-minute song given away for free on BandCamp.

Apparently the band Psychic Twin reached out to producer Chrome Sparks to produce a "mixtape" of tracks from their debut album. So this is kind of like a trailer for the album Strange Diary, which Psychic Twin released in September, 2016.

It is not a mixtape in the sense of those compilations you meticulously made back in high school of songs from your collection, recorded in a hand-decorated cassette case and given to a friend or potential love interest… You know, the kind of mix tapes that John Cusack talks about in High Fidelity. Instead this is a DJ mix, and i don’t get why these things are called “mixtapes”, but whatever. All of the source material here apparently comes from just one source.

And it's pretty cool if you like sparkly indie dance pop. This is for fans of LCD Soundsystem, only with a female voice. It's like Steffaloo's more electro moments, or a less dark Fever Ray, or maybe Bat for Lashes. The music consists of lovely female voice with swirling, sparkly electro pop.

That said, it is 21 minutes of music that flows straight through. It starts with a whining old synth sound a la Boards of Canada or Tangerine Dream. This retro drone slowly grows, a beat growing underneath for the first 5 minutes, until it is a booming euro disco tune, synths and deep beats a la that German disco from Kompakt. The mix grows in busy-ness, a voice coming in, keyboards tinkling by rapidly and we are in LCD Soundsystem territory, a very contemporary synthpop dance tune. It grooves along comfortably.

This is fun. It's a fun track, and free!

Now i am curious to hear Strange Diary.

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