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  Thermal Blue
  Body Origami
  Broken Circle Records  
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This is a random promo from a Nashville power trio. The music is light and delicate, built out of layers of guitar and hushed voice. I hear a hint of Red House Painters here, except that the male vocalist has a much higher-pitched voice than Kozelek's baritone drawl. The words are drawn out as they are sung, but the beats kind of lope and guitars chime.

It's very pretty, light rock. There are three tracks here.

The first is Garden Wave, a mid-tempoed rocker. Guitar chimes and the drums kind of tap along, keeping a head swaying rhythm. It's a lovely little tune.

Tangle Drift is very sparse, the lightest song here. Faint keyboard echoes behind picked guitar and hushed voice. This reminds me of July Skies.

The closer here is the epic Bright Hunger. The song swells up over the course of five minutes, becoming slightly dense. You can even hear a clear bass thumping under the guitar for the first time on the EP. This song really works.

It's a short EP that doesn't even hit 12 minutes, but the songs are pretty interesting. I like their delicate pop, and think that Body Origami have some good ideas. I look forward to hearing more from this act.

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