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  Greed, Lust, and Cloning  
  Don Bodin  

Endocrine Music

Release Date:
Reviewed by:
  Brett Spaceman  

Shadowy scientific experimentation, espionage, government cover-ups, alien DNA, conspiracy, cloning, lust, and yes of course greed. These are the subjects that occupy the mind of Don Bodin. If this conjures embarrassing, geek-like images, then think again. Certainly it would prove regrettable for an ordinary band to compose a sci-fi influenced record. Here though, Bodin's project is clearly and openly pre-meditated. Greed…. was written and produced with the singular intention to sound like a film score, and in this respect it succeeds entirely.

The titles reveal everything before the music even begins. Bio-economics, The Lab, An Unknown Species. Anyone familiar with the mythology episodes of X-Files, graphic novels, or Consol Game-inspired science fiction will warm instantly to the sounds of Greed…. Indeed some of this stuff could easily play out as the end credits roll for a Matrix movie. Bodin's work could slip seamlessly alongside the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, or any of the usual suspects of muscular techno and anthemic rock. Bodin, though, adds an orchestral element to his work. Both viola and cello are in evidence. Add a gifted opera singer and the result pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of music for film.

Murky and insidious, Greed… is "Grindcore spliced with chamber music", and genre fans are bound to lap it up. Yet why oh why is there no actual movie to go along? Put simply, the answer is this - Bodin wanted to put himself in the shop window. But to prove his capabilities without an actual commission left only one course of action: to score an imaginary film. "A film that never was" as the press release claims, almost proudly. Full marks then for ambition and ingenuity. Not perhaps for the music in its own right as this album rarely rises above and beyond the limitations of its clear mandate. This is soundtrack music, no more and no less. Not a criticism at all as this product does exactly what it set out to do. Plus if that didn't warrant respect and admiration enough, consider this. – there are rumours to the effect that this project took a mere three weeks, from start to finish. If there is any truth to this I'm left more than a little open mouthed.

Personally, I would urge Mr Bodin not to discount the Game market. As the film industry becomes increasingly infatuated with mainstream artists rather than original scores, Bodin's work might in turn prove more suited to the world of gaming. Indeed where one genre overlaps another (think Resident Evil, Doom, etc.), this stuff could come into its own.

Mission accomplished?

[As a 2007 post-script to this piece the Editor notes that Don Bodin is now based in California and working in "music for media", encompassing website, games and award winning film projects.]

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