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  Butterfly Radio  

Omega Point

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Avenpitch is an electroclash band from Minneapolis, and Butterfly Radio is their second release. The music here moves and shakes like a cross between Faith No More and The Faint. (Faint No More?)

There is one problem i have with this, and it is the previously mentioned Faith No More connection. I swear, rap rock has to be the vilest thing mankind ever created. I want to hear people sing, not sort of chant over the music. Well, vocalist Todd Millenacker is a chanter. Man, i am sick of that kind of thing... It also doesn't help that his voice is mixed really high, so that you cannot help but hear the chanting. Ugh.

Still, i know a lot of people who really like Mike Patton and Faith No More. I think that if you do enjoy that sort of thing, Millenacker is worthy of consideration.

And of course, it doesn't make the album unlistenable. It just ... well, let's say that i would like this more if Millenacker used his voice for melody and not just rhythm. Like on the song Messalina which features some great cheesey synths as well as Millenacker actually singing about, well, the Emperor Claudius. Literate synthpop -- pretty cool.

The real strength of this band is their rhythms. They are very talented at making energetic electroclash with strong rhythms. I bet that they are a blast in concert (and that the voice is not as grating in a live setting). Of special notice is Smitten, which sounds like OMD being covered by Ladytron with male vocals. It's all soaring synths and pounding drum beats.

Personally, i find this record to be a bit of a mixed bag. However, people who enjoy this vocal style will probably like it a lot more. The band certainly has some fast-paced songs.

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