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  Time Is A Machine Gun b/w The Heart Never Recovered
  A Shoreline Dream

Latenight / Weeknight Records

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This is a digital single from A Shoreline Dream who are, obviously, a shoegazer band from Colorado, a state wherein one can only dream of shorelines! The band is now stripped down to a duo now consisting of Erik Jeffries on guitar and Ryan Policky on everything else.

I was aware of this band years ago when they were a four-piece making classic shoegaze, and i have to admit that when this promo showed up, i was surprised to see that they are still going at it. Okay, only half the band is left, but they are still doing kind of the same thing, which is awesome!

This is a digital single consisting of a new song they put out in October of 2015 and the first track of an album they released in 2014. Hey, shoegaze is complicated -- don't expect these bands to just crank stuff out! It takes time to craft all of these layers.

The A-side, the 2015 tune, is called Time Is A Machine Gun, which is kind of an ominous title. Guitars tinkle in waves and rhythm grinds along. This is fuzzy and catchy, with Policky's voice echoed and kind of new wavey. It builds to a nice ringing climax.

The B-side is The Heart Never Recovered, which was the first track on The Silent Sunrise. This is slower, the guitar tinkling against sample of a voice talking, like a TV on in the studio. The drums tap lightly, and the voice is distorted and twisted and echoing both forwards and backwards... This is a light track that is fun and kind of messy.

I continue to be impressed. These guys are doing neat stuff and i am glad they are still out there doing it.

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