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Well, the video is not really "okay". It's kind of disturbing.

The story that the video tells, as far as i can figure is this:

Ms. DeMare plays someone who spends a long time getting ready in a bathroom -- applying makeup, etc. Then she "frolics on the bed" with someone whose face you never see. This frolic imples sex, although the video is PG rated (meaning that the most you see is lots of cleavage). Later, she beats this person with a shoe, and then stomps on their head as they lie on the floor.

Throughout all of this, Mr. Guthrie sits in a remote locale and watches the proceedings on a video camera.

So i dunno. I guess it's arty, but it is also kind of disturbing.

One thing to note: this is the seond Violet Indiana video i have watched (the other being the video for Poppy that is on the Special EP). In that video, the lighting washed everything out, hiding Ms. DeMare's face and, well, making me not impressed with her looks. In this video she is recorded under good lighting, and she is surprising olive complected for a British woman. She also looks much better with a nose!

So there you go. I might very well never watch this video again, while i will listen to this single again, probably many times.

But video is not my thing.....

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