The PostLibyan Bootlist

Artist Date Location Length
(in min)
Grade Notes
Aphex Twin 1997 Inkey$ Live 97 70 A  
Archers Of Loaf 28.Nov.98 The Point, Atlanta, GA 50 A audience recording
    AOL on MSN 57 A promo for radio broadcast
Aztec Camera unknown Live on the Test 60 B digitized from BBC TV broadcast
Bachmann, Eric 27.May.99 Atlanta 60 B  
Banco de Gaia 1995 Galstonbury Festival 65 A good soundboard recording
Bedhead   (unknown live show) 45 A  
Belle & Sebastien 15.Dec.96 unknown 60 B  
  10.May.1998 Black Session (Paris, FR) 65 A + French FM Radio broadcast
  3.Oct.1998 Munich, Germany 30 A +  
  25.Apr.1999 Bowlie Weekender (UK) 40 A +  
  1.Feb.02 Belfast, IR 43 B +  
Black Heart Procession   (unknown live show) 50 A -  
The Blue Nile 23.Jul.1990 NYC 60 A/B good recording, but it is broken up into tracks, each of which fade in, then fade out
Boards of Canada 5.Nov.1999 Old Truman Brewery, London, UK 50 A some crowd noise, but interesting set
  1999 peel session 26 A FM recording of orig broadcast
Billy Bragg 1993 Phoenix Festival 69 A + Soundboard -- This is the CD No Pop No Style Strictly Roots that Billy sold at later concerts.
  various complete peel dates 75 A +  
  n/a b-sides compilation 75 A +  
    Mermaid Avenue Live 75 A + This is a semi-official CD that Billy sold at later concerts.
The Breeders 17.May.1994 Stockholm, SE 20 A fan club release
Cinerama 27.Apr.01 ULU London, UK 60 A  
  30.Jan.02 Peel Session 65 A long Peel concert, from FM
The Clash unknown For F**k's Sake 80 B euro boot release
Cocteau Twins 16.Nov.82 Victoria, London, UK 36 B- interesting early recording
  31.Jan.83 Amsterdam, NE 30 B+ old radio braodcast
  29.April83 Newcastle, UK 40 B "Lovers Are Mortal"
  11.May.83 Giagant, Apledoorn, NE 35 B+  
  11.Sept.83 Paris, FR 36 B+ clear, but some tape hiss
  8.Dec.83 Manchester, UK 35 B tape hiss
  9.Dec.83 Glasgow, UK 20 A "Nightmoves" radio broadcast
  26.Feb.84 London, Uk 35 B  
  17.Apr.84 Birmingham, UK 55 B+  
  30.Oct.84 Oslo, NO 35 B  
  16.Dec.84 Oxford, UK 55 B clear, but some tape hiss
  1984/85 Holland 60 B/A "Flagstones and Sugardrops"
  1985 Groningen, NE 40 B+ I think part of this is also on "Flagstones and Sugardrops"
  19.Sept.85 Columbus, OH 65 B  
  1985 Tokyo, JP 50 B very interesting versions, although not all that clear
  4.April.1986 Paris, FR 70 A-/B  
  21.April.86 Birmingham, UK 40 B  
  1986 London, UK 60 B+ "Live In London"
  3.Nov.86 Paris, FR 56 B+/A-  
  4.Nov.86 Paris, FR 76 B+  
  6.Nov86 Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK 60 A+  
  7.Nov.86 Nottingham, UK 57 B  
  unknown 90 unknown 70 A Damn, my poor record keeping skills. This is a good show from the 90/91 tour, but i have no idea where it is from!
  1990 Hamburg, DE 65 B+ Musikhalle
  15.Oct.90 Nijmegan, NE 60 A  
  25.Oct.90 Glasgow, UK 75 A  
  42.Nov.90 Detroit, MI 80 A+ Royal Oak Theatre
  8.Dec.90 Hollywood, CA 66 B+  
  1994 UK 30 A "BBC Radio" rare session -- not on _BBC Sessions_ album!
  90/94 Paris, FR 70 A "Black Sessions" radio broadcast
  22.Mar.91 Vancouver, BC, Can 65 B  
  23.Mar.91 Seattle, WA 70 A-  
  29.Mar.91 Ann Arbor, MI 65 B  
  1.Apr.91 Baltimore, MD 67 B+ This holds a special place in my heart as the first CT boot i ever heard.
  1.Feb.94 Utrecht, NE 72 B+  
  28.Feb.94 New Orleans, LA 70 B+ "Pearly, Pink, & White"
  4.March.94 Atlanta, GA 60 B-  
  10.March.96 London, UK 20 A "Mark Radcliffe Show" performance, interview, and mockery (funny)
  23.March.94 Minneapolis, MN 70 A good, clear recording
  6.April.94 Claremont, CA 80 A  
  11.April.96 London, UK 25 A "Greater London Radio" performance and interview
  8.May.96 Royal Albert Hall, London 72 B+  
  1996 Paris, FR 83 A- 2 disc set!
  1996 Milan, IT 75 B  
  1996 unknown UK date 75 B  
  20.June.96 Seattle, WA 75 B- "DV8"
  25.June.96 Los Angeles, Ca 37 A "Modern Rock Live" performance and interview
  30.June.96 Roskilde, DK 75 A-  
  various Fan compiled video comp, transferred to CD-R 2x75 C to A promo vids, old TV performances, etc. quality varies widely with age of videotape source
  2000 Victorialake by DJ Jelly 60 A Israeli fan DJ re-edits the Victorialand LP. Excellent quality, but not too stunningly different from the original LP.
  various fan compiled radio sessions 70 B to A quality varies
  various rarities compilations 5x70 B to A i have 5 CD-Rs compiled by various fans of rare tracks, remixes, alternates, random live songs, etc. Ask for details.
  Cassettes I also have about 30 cassettes of shows. ( I know, how old school...) None of these are duplicates of what you see listed here. I know that not many people trade cassettes anymore, but if you are interested ask for a list.
Coldplay 28.Aug.01 Holland 60 A  
Cowboy Junkies 12.May.90 Royal Exchange, Man, UK 60 A  
The Cure 3.Feb.00 Ancienne, Brussels, BE 80 A euro boot: "Brussels' Bloodflowers"
  18.May.00 Atlanta, GA 164 B +  
Dead Can Dance 79-84 demos and Peels 75 B to A interesting take on many album tracks
  1981-1998 fan-compiled rarities comp 75 A  
  1994 Seattle 80 A + euro boot: "Mystical Rain"
  July.1996 unknown locations 75 + 20 B 2 CD set from final tour
The Dismemberment Plan 26.Feb.2000 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA 45 (x2) A There are two shows here, an early one and a later 21+ show. Both are 45 minutes long and quite good. Each comes on a different CD, and the setlist varies slightly.
DJ Shadow Oct 1999 Philadelphia 41 B  
Everything But the Girl various BBC sessions 75 A various live radio broadcasts
  1985 Bremen, DE 60 A  
  1985 Milan, IT 46 B+  
  30.Aug.94 Tintin, PA 60 A  
Future Sound of London   I have approximately 2 CDs worth of MP3s of live performances, quality varies from extremely good, to kind of cruddy. Most are from 94 to 97, but some few from other "eras" of the band. Ask for details.
14.Sep.1999 unknown 40 A  
Godspeed You Black Emporer 9.Sep.99 Middle East, Cambridge, MA 70 A NOTE: also have almost 1 gig live GYBE MP3's.
Hood unknown Peel session 20 A  
  29.Aug.99 Terrastock 3 30 A  
  26.Jan.00 Dijon, FR 70 A  
Idaho unknown demos 30 B  
James various fan compiled live tracks 75 A to B  
Kraftwerk 24.Ma.97 Luton, UK 48 A live at the Tribal Gathering
Kula Shaker 27.Jan.97 Birmingham, UK 60 A  
Lamb 97 Lausanne, FR 60 A  
  99 Pinkpop 30 A  
  various live and remixes (fan comp) 40 A  
Lush 28.Nov.90 Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ 51 B+  
  1991 Europe 63 B- to A "Kaleidoscopic Harmonies" = multiple venues, quality varies
  17.Apr.92 Seattle, WA 64 A  
  30.Aug.92 Chicago, IL 61 A from FM broadcast
  28.June.94 Paris, FR 65 A Black Session (from FM)
  26.Aug.94 Reading, UK 60 B  
Massive Attack 1998 Bristol, UK 60 A  
  27.Nov.98 Ancienne, Brussels, BE 51 A  
  98 Royal Albert Hall, UK 70 + 30 A 2 CD set. features Liz Fraser at one point.
  various b-sides fan comp 70 A  
Mazzy Star unknown euro boot "The Other Side of" 70 A  
McKee, Maria Sept 1989 Washington, DC 60 A  
Meat Beat Manifesto 6.Dec.97 San Francisco, CA 55 A  
Mercury Rev unknown Le Reve du Musique 70    
Midnight Oil 1988 Paris, FR 73 A euro boot: "Mother Earth"
Modest Mouse unknown various live, demos 80 B to A fan compiled CD
Thelonious Monk Quartet 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival 58 A  
Monolake 23.Nov.91 on the Beta Lounge 70 A nice radio broadcast DJ set
  unknown Lithuania 60 A  
Mum unknown BBC Worldshow 32 A from FM broadcast
  4.JUn.02 Paris, FR 61 A Nouveau Casino
My Bloody Valentine July 1989 Los Angeles, CA 40 A -  
  23.Feb.98 Utretch, NE 40 A incomplete recording, but great set
  15.Dec.91 Town & Country, London, UK 65 A -  
Namlook, Pete 2001 Heidelberg, DE 53 A from FM broadcast ??
New Order 1993 unknown 60 A euro boot: "Electronic Ecstasy"
Orb 15.Nov.94 live on WRAS 65 + 30 B LX Patterson DJing live on the radio
  2000 San Francisco 65 A LX DJ set at The Beta Lounge
  14.April.01 Masquerade, Atlanta, GA 60 B 1/2 of overall show. need disc 2! (i was at this one.)
  NOTE: I also have many CDs of remixes, b-sides, fan mixes, etc.
Alos, the Orb fan list compiled a 6 CD set of live stuff in MP3 format. There is lots there, or widely differing quality. Ask for details.
Pavement various fan rarites comp 70 A  
Piano Magic 22.May.02 Paris, FR 65 A La Guinguette Pirate
Pink Floyd 3.Mar.1972 Sapparo, Japan 70 A euro boot: "Dark Side of the Rising Sun"
The Pixies unknown "Velouria Live" 70 A  
  7.Nov.91 Leysin Festival 65 A euro boot: "Subbacultcha"
Prefab Sprout 11.Jan.1986 Reading Univ., UK 59 A  
  5.April.00 Cambridge, UK 77 A+ radio broadcast (with DJ)
The Psychedelic Furs 1982 My Father's Place, NY 70 A + from FM broadcast
The Purkinje Shift May.1991 Atlanta, GA 40 A in-store performance at Criminal Records
Reload various fan compiled remixes comp 80 A  
R.E.M. 1981 "So Much Younger Then" 40 A early. many songs never recorded. digitized from vinyl by me.
  81-82 "Down South" 40 A digitized from vinyl by me.
  85 We Are Having a Heavenly Time 50 A from fanclub vinyl release
  various fan compilations of B-sides and various live tracks 70 (x 2) A  
  1989 Seattle, WA 70 A  
  2001 Unplugged 81 A  
Radiohead 13. Apr. 96 The Avalon, Boston, MA 70 A  
  various demos and unreleased fan comp 70 B to A  
  various b-sides fan comp 70 A  
Red House Painters unknown Hultefred Festival, SE 64 A radio broadcast, features interview in Swedish!
SeeFeel 28.Jan.97 Freiburg, DE 19 A i don't think this is the whole show, but it is very cool
Sigur Ros 15.Nov.02 Lawrence, KS 60 + 50 A excellent set -- 2 CDs
Simon, Paul 1976 ?? The Hoffman Estate, IL 60 X 2 A - very entertaining folksy show
Simple Minds early 80's Toronto, ON, Canada 60 A  
Sixteen Horsepower 1998 various live dates 70 A  
Slint 21.Mar.89 Chicago, IL 50 A/B  
Slowdive 18.Oct.93 Oslo, NO 40 A  
  various fan live comp 70 B to A  
  various fan live comp volume 2 70 B to A  
The Smiths various "Reel Around the Fountain" 70 X 2 A 2 disc fan comp of rarities, live, radio, etc.
Sneaker Pimps unknown Live X 40 A live on ATL radio
Sonic Youth various fan comp of live and rare 80 A  
Sugar 91/92 Ohio/Toronto 60 A euro boot: "Bob's Full House"
Soul Coughing 12.June.1992 Knitting Factory, NYC 70 A this is supposedly their first gig
Spaceman 3 unknown unknown 70 B euro boot: "Spacemen Are Go"
Sundays 1990 Hague, NE 50 B  
  3.June1993 Ventura, California 60 A -  
Superchunk 20.Nov.1999 Atlanta, Ga 80 + 15 B more than 1 CD, but they do cover "the Boss"
  various fan rarities compilation 70 A  
Teardrop Explodes various fan compiled BBC sessions 70 B to A  
Television various demos and live 70 B to A euro boot: "Poor Circulation"
  unknown Paris, FR 85 A - euro boot: "The ROIR Sessions"
The The 1989 various 70 A Interview and Live for radio promo CD for the The The VS. The World Tour.
    fan comp - live and EPs 70 A  
    fan comp - singles and radio 70 A  
  1993 Reading Festival 60 B  
  1993 various 70 A live in studio for the tour
Tosh, Peter 15.Mar.79 Rosalyn, NY 73 A - FM broadcast
U2 13.Dec.81 NY 60 A good, early recording
Underworld various fan compilation (2 CDs) of live bests 80 x 2 A  
Unwound unknown demos 35 B  
Violet Indiana 5.June.2000 London, UK 60 B  
  21.Sep.01 Cologne, DE 60 B  
  22.Sep.01 Hamburg, DE 60 B  
Wire various demos and live 46 B old boot sounds like it was digitized from vinyl
XTC 1978 - 80 "Explode Together" 60 B to A euro boot
  unknown "Jules Vernes' Sketchbook" 60 A euro boot
Yo La Tengo 7.Nov.1999 PA 70 + 20 A  

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NOTE: There are many nicely packaged CD boots coming out of Eruope. When you see the phrase "euro boot" above, that is what i am referring to. Often these things have titles, and the title will be listed if known. Often these are of good sound quality.