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A Ceasefire. Plastic Predictions 2009

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Change is the only constant. Life is a non-stop struggle against things not being exactly like they were before. I think that we can blame that damnedable "Third Law of Thermodynamcs" for this. How can we go about getting that law repealed anyway?

What i am rambling about here is The Death of Physical Storage Media for Music. Not like CDs suddenly disappeared, but more and more people these days are doing all of their listening digitally. When i was compiling my annual Plastic Predictions compilation onto a CD, i had an uncanny feeling that i was behind the times. The last time i had this feeling i was copying mix cassettes while being told that most people i gave the tapes to no longer had cassette players.

So be it. Time marches on. CDs are the plastic format of the past. Digital is the way of the future. And thus i present to you Plastic Predctions 2009, A Ceasefire, Digital Edition. Yes, there are still CDs of this out there, but i have also compiled a fuly digital version. You can download it here.

The compilation is broken up into 3 parts, simply because the download service i use enforces a 100 MB limit on all files. The files use RAR compression. RAR is like ZIP, only it works better for media files. You can download WinRar, a free decompression program, from this site.

The CD contains 20 tracks. The Digital Edition contains 30 tracks. To fit all of the songs on the CD, i had to do some editing of some tracks (removing an extraneous verse here, cutting off a long droning fade out end there, etc), but digitally i am freed of the harsh limitation of time, and so the full songs can be featured, and i can add more tunes, songs that seemed superfluous when trying to fit them all into the 80 minute CD format. And so the Digital Edition clocks in at 2:16:44. That is about an hour longer than the CD version. Are those 57 minutes strictly necessary? Who knows. Maybe i just need to be more concise.

At any rate, i hope you enjoy the MP3 files, as well as whatever you celebrate (if anything) during this closing of the year.

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