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Well, that explains it! [Plastic Predictions 2000]

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I consume music. It's what i do. For me, a good day is wandering around music shops, talking to employees about bands, sifting through dusty stacks, finding obscure titles, listening, and seeing live concerts. Hey, it's a life.

People ask me about music. That sort of explains the origin of this website, but it also explains the origin of Plastic Predictions. For thirteen years now i have been mass-producing a compilation of my favorite songs to distribute to friends, unsuspecting co-workers, annoyed relatives, and relative strangers. It's my gift to you -- i have spent the year sifting through the music that's been released, and here is the good stuff. I sort out the crap for you.

All i ask is this -- listen at least once to each song. You can throw the CD away afterwards, but at least give it one honest listen. I really care about this, and in my opinion each song on here deserves a serious chance.

That said, let's consider the tracks that made it onto this CD.

Track 1:
Rock N Roll Singer by Mark Kozelek. Did you see the movie Almost Famous? In the band in the movie, there was a bassist who had no real speaking lines -- remember him? That's Mark Kozelek. He's a real musician and the frontman of Red House Painters, who i really like. This is an AC/DC cover Mark did on a solo mini-album he released this year. It's an amazing song when he sings it!
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Track 2:
Stupidly Happy by XTC. XTC have been making great little pop songs for over 20 years now. And i still can't help but tap my foot along with their music.
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Track 3:
Straight To Hell (live) by The Clash. The Clash are one of my favorite bands ever. They rocked hard. This is from the live album they released this year.  
Track 4:
Fortune by Felt. Felt are a New Wave band from the 80's. Their guitarist was classically trained, and supposedly now makes his living as a guitar teacher in England somewhere. At any rate, the guitarwork on their music is amazing.  
Track 5:
Busted by Violet Indiana. Violet Indiana is the band of guitarist Robin Guthrie, who used to play in Cocteau Twins. I love his guitarwork -- the man is a genius i tells ya!
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Track 6:
Sun In Her Eyes by Isobella. Isobella released the best album i heard this year. All of their stuff is like this -- a swirl of guitars and keyboards and vocals buried in the mix. This is their catchiest tune.
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Track 7:
Spider In The Snow by The Dismemberment Plan. The Plan are the best rock band in America today. They just kick ass. This is a really catchy song off of their most recent album.
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Track 8:
The Apartment Song by Do Make Say Think. DMST are a sort of avante garde jazz rock combo from Toronto. Their stuff is great to listen to when you are just hanging out -- it's really catchy but there are no lyrics to distract from chatting.
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Track 9:
I Really Should've Gone Out Last Night by The Dirty Three. The Dirty Three make some of the most beautiful and relaxing music i have ever heard. I love just sitting and listening to their music. Who knew that the secret to beautiful relaxing music was a violin fed through a delay pedal?
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Track 10:
Year Ending by Movietone. Movietone are a splinter group from Flying Saucer Attack (who end this CD). Their music is all about describing space through sound. Really nice.
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Track 11:
The Whisperers by The The. The The are one of my favorite bands ever. I have been listening to them since 1986! This is the catchiest song from their most recent outing.
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Track 12:
Tanned by Arab Strap. A duo from Scotland which features the one guy telling stories in a really thick Scottish accent over the music. I really like it when the trumpet kicks in in this song!
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Track 13:
Being Held by The For Carnation. The For Carnation make great quiet driving rock music.
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Track 14:
Islands by Flying Saucer Attack. I like this songs a lot -- it's eight minutes of droning guitars, muttered vocals, and subdued beats. I think that most people won't get through this one, which is why it's at the end of the CD! I know this isn't for everyone!
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Well, there you go. I hope that you enjoy the CD, as well as whatever holiday you celebrate at the close of the year.

Paul J Kane
aka, PostLibyan
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