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A Brief History of Superchunk:

Superchunk formed in the late 1980's in the musical hotbed of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They were one of several bands (also: Archers of Loaf and Polvo) to evolve under the shadow of UNC.

Superchunk started off as a punk rock band. During the first few years their membership fluctuated before settling down on the current foursome. The musical dynamic between the four members is what has kept the bands many fans interested for so long.

Basically, the "Superchunk sound" is one of high-pitched vocals (singer Mac has a somewhat "squeaky" voice) screamed over dueling guitars (Mac vs. Jim Wilbur) with a plodding bassline, and thundering drums (Mr. Wurster really beats the heck out of his drums on stage -- i wonder how many he goes through?)

Their initial acclaim came from releasing some great Punk anthems, most specifically 1989's Slack Motherfucker. Their first few albums were masterpieces of loud, energetic punk rock.

Eventually the band evolved more of a pop sensibility, with their most recent releases being more mellow and less angstful. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that in 1989 Laura and Mac formed their own record label Merge Records. I can see how being in charge of a label and having all that responsibility can mellow a person out. Or maybe it is just that they have heard so much music that they have evolved. Who knows.

The fact is, despite the mellowing of their recorded sound, Superchunk continue to sizzle live. Go check them out if they come to your town. But go prepared to dance and sweat.

Also, as label owners Superchunk are the True Indie Rock Gods of America. They stand for diversity in the musical scene, and integrity.

Who's In Superchunk
Current Members:
  Laura Ballance: bass
Mac McCaughan: vocals, guitar
Jim Wilbur: guitar
Jon Wurster: drums
Past Members:
  "Super Chuck": drums (up to 1991)
Jack: guitar (up to 1990)
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